Dear Scammers,

NOTE: First Published 11/18/14

I could have used a vacation. A cruise sounds nice, and maybe you could have had me. But you used a prerecorded message. Am I really supposed to believe that you give away so many cruises that it warrants a prerecorded message? Was it somehow cheaper to make the recording instead of just telling me personally?

Do better next time,

ps I am on the Do Not Call List, so next time will have to be with someone else


Author: Thomas Olivieri

Thomas Olivieri, an enthusiast of long walks on the beach, chilly mornings, and strong pipe-tobacco, has written many short stories which have been published in anthologies and periodicals, and is the author of Priceless Treasures and Ghastly: a Slight Collection of Hallowe'en Tales and Miscellanea. He writes tales of love, death, and shipwrecks.

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